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Our Methodology

The JRD team is flexible and we can work with all current software development methodologies. At the start of a project, we work with our customers to decide the methodology that will be used on an engagement. The selection of a particular methodology for a project depends on the project’s requirements and the customer’s standards or preferences.


Agile software development is our hands on approach and created by several key pieces, such as: quick alterations on performing software, a collaboration of daily communications coming from our team to yours and allows the ability to change requirements or goals. The Agile methodology is a recognized choice used today by several companies to distribute a high performing and capable software. This process avoids a strict structure so our team may start a new direction or approach to make your desired changes. At JRD Systems, our clients appreciate the flexibility within this approach and can attest to its adaptive benefits.


Scrum is another form of methodology born from the agile software development, but with much more versatility. This process lets our client’s possible needs to alternate or change products on demand. To stay on top of potential instabilities in the project’s necessities, Scrum concentrates on a fast turnaround of product augmentations at the end of every production cycle. In Scrum, the product owner(s), who are often our clients, are always informed and works with JRD Systems’ developers that focus in this area of methodology and have direct experience in it. They can be an incredible addition to your team and project by using Scrum swiftly and flawlessly.


Waterfall is another option for project development, but differs from Agile in a few different ways. Each software development stage is usually required to finish before moving forward to the next one. Our clients and team must recognize and approve goals and desired results before any design can start. This feature allows our developers and clients determine what deliverables can be expected in the early development lifecycle. This makes coordinating and designing more upfront, along with providing accurate progress measurements since the full scope of the project is well-known beforehand. Our clients enjoy this methodology because it provides their software to be designed diligently since our team understands all software angles and specification for what they want delivered as a final result.


Our Prototype Development assists our clients and their potential users to learn, understand and test functions of the upcoming software or product. With a set budget and resources, a client can use a prototype as a live demonstration to show a new product or technology that may benefit them. Once the prototype is reviewed by a client, it can move into the development stage to integrate the client’s response and possibly new features to enhance the product. Our clients appreciate this methodology because it lets them explore an existing platform and enrich its functionality to meet their needs.