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Application Services

Today’s business world is increasingly high velocity and software driven. New technologies—social, mobile, analytics and cloud as well as wearables, crowdsourcing and the Internet of Things—are accelerating the pace of business. Secure, resilient operation of enterprise applications is crucial to modern business. Maintaining the integrity of applications can be challenging and time-consuming, often restricting IT personnel from focusing on other projects with larger business implications. JRD Systems offers application services designed to help simplify and streamline applications across the organization.

Application Development

JRD Systems has been coding with our clients for over 15 years and we’re not stopping any time soon. Application development and integration are some of our leading services. We can assist you with any development project, starting from scratch or reworking an existing platform. Our creative IT professionals are knowledgeable in all modern technologies so you can trust them to advance and scale applications or websites, without losing their style or design.


If your software is not mobile friendly, it’s time to reconsider. As technology continues to evolve, mobile platforms are critical to continue building business growth and streamlining operations. JRD Systems are experts at building mobile ready solutions. Our team offers a wide range of services, which can start with an analysis and design to end with its delivery to market the new or improved performing application.


Data is the key to finding and securing business. JRD Systems has worked on many projects that include Big Data. We help our clients gather, analyze, store and share or use their Big Data with unique software and systems. With our developers, who have full stack skills from ETL, DW, Analytics and Visualization, we can construct custom solutions that can handle large amounts of complex data. From there, we can identify trends and relationships from the data.


No client project is created without extensive testing. The goal of testing is to launch a software then detect any obvious or hidden defects. While there is initial testing during any methodology stage, when a project moves into quality testing, we examine every feature and function of your future software under test and business scenarios for its User Acceptance Testing. This lets us handle any problems before your project is released and used, along with the ability to discuss its results and metrics with our clients so they understand why their new software will be efficient.