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Value Proposition

Team Retention

With our staffing models, our team becomes a part of your team for the entire duration of the project. We will ensure that your project progresses smoothly through the development cycle with no delays. This fosters the relationship between you and JRD Systems, based on trust and accountability.

Competitive Cost

Our customers will not only have the commitment of JRD’s dedicated team and the associated benefits, they will also have the advantage of our competitive blended rates. We can also provide our customers with the option of having a guaranteed locked-in price, which protects them from running over budget.

Knowledge Of Your Domain

Our dedicated team works hand-in-hand with your team, fully submersing itself into your project and becoming familiar with your long-term business objectives, just like an internal employee would. By gaining knowledge of your domain, our team becomes an invaluable contributor to your project. Our highly qualified engineers not only implement, but also suggest new cutting-edge technologies to help you achieve your next technology aspirations.

Ability To Scale Up Or Down Quickly

With our models, our customers can scale up or down operations easier than they could with their internal resources.

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