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Project Delivery

JRD Systems is a leading solution provider for getting projects completed on schedule while being a cost-effective option. We apply appropriate project methodologies to keep our team moving forward and provide several delivery options that fit your needs, not ours.

With over 15 years of experience managing and delivering project for our clients, it’s clear why they keep coming back. Our commitment and flexibility allows our teams to work onsite, offsite, offshore or even blend these to make it happen. Depending on your specific requirements, we will use a strategic combination to deliver results you want.

We pride ourselves by passing our education and understanding from our teams to yours. You can always count on us to make new or updated technologies or systems understandable and sustainable. Plus, we’re able to compose fully managed projects or provide you with the right talent needed to balance out your internal team and manage yourself.

Why Our Clients Choose JRD Systems:

  • Project(s) Are Time Sensitive, Budget Focused and Within Set Parameters
  • Various Methodologies Are Used – Based On Project(s)
  • Project Teams Who Work Around Your Needs
  • Delivery Options That Work for You
  • Exceptional Training for Your Team
  • After Transfer Support or ongoing maintenance options Available – Always


We partner with clients all around the world, which means we need to have flexible delivery models that works. We break down our delivery into three different ways: staff augmentation, managed services and offshore delivery.

Staff augmentation

We integrate our C-SAM (Coordinated Staff Augmentation Model) process that provides knowledgeable team members and avoids a challenging learning curve so they can immediately start on our client’s project.

Managed services

Allow yourself to enable JRD Systems’ team to manage projects, communicate project development and milestones while securing timely deadlines. Full project execution controlled with JRD, communication on progress, with checkpoint based management. Best practices and standardization leveraged from JRD’s experience in service delivery.

Offshore Delivery

Pairs you with specific team experts to leverage at different locations and work together effectively. Offshore delivery excellence over the last decade; with multiple proven delivery models. Accelerated ramp-up and ramp downs, retaining process oriented knowledge and competencies. Client specific pool for better knowledge management and reduced learning curve. Leverage distributed teams with JRD’s proven offshore model and cost arbitrage.