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Helping Our Community

Our community matters to us just as much as our client and employee relationships. A community is where businesses thrive so JRD Systems is dedicated to giving back as frequently often as we can. Recently, we donated 50 cutting-edge computers with the latest operating system to a local elementary school, but we won’t stop there. We are always seeking out ways to make a difference whenever possible and you can always check out our News page to see what we’re working on doing next.

Giving Our Time

Time is one of the most valuable things, which is why JRD Systems and its staff volunteer our time. We are passionate about IT and want to share it with others who are interested in learning more about it. One of our memorable volunteer experiences was when we worked with Make-A-Wish Foundation, who helps enrich the lives of young children with life-threatening medical conditions. That’s only one of the key organizations we partner with and our teams feels privileged when we’re asked for help.

Paying It Forward

It doesn’t matter if JRD Systems is donating gift cards to medical patients in the hospital during the holidays or assisting children with mental illnesses or disabilities, we are devoted to doing what we can to pay it forward. While our time, money and support are just a fraction of what we do to help give back to those who need it or our communities, we realize the difference it can truly make. Therefore, we promise to never stop caring or slowing down our giving momentum.