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Technical Staffing & Recruiting

At JRD Systems, we take a different approach when it comes to matching top IT talent to your business needs by offering the following:

  • Talent Recruitment Practices and On-Site Staffing for Long or Short Terms Project Assignments
  • Internal On-Hand Teams Available to Start Any Project, Any Time
  • Direct Hire Talent Acquisition and Retention


The Difference with JRD Systems

Whether you’re looking for a team extension or to onboard fresh talent, JRD Systems can find the perfect match for your business or project needs. We’ve placed hundreds of our team members with companies around the country. We take pride in the following values we consider in our technical recruitment and staffing practices.


Every member of our team understands the value and meaning of being a professional. No matter which of our team members is added to your team or assignment, you can expect nothing less but a professional innovator who finds and creates solutions for your project on their own or with your existing internal team.


Experience and education is required to be a team member at JRD Systems. We ensure that everyone on our team is ready to learn and understands how to apply information and skills in real workplace scenarios. Knowledge is power, but only if you understand how to use it correctly from theory to practice.


Each of our IT Professionals has something unique—perspective. Our team members have been in business situations where smart decisions needed to be considered, along with understanding how to implement a budget and making solutions happen on time.


Outsourcing a project is a well-practiced business operation, no matter where you’re located. JRD Systems has the key to effective outsourcing by establishing a partnership that is process driven. This means no issues with attendance or staying on schedule.